Abandoned Mortuary, or Soviet Necropolis

I think many people know that there was no religion in the Soviet Union, therefore most of the churches were closed.

But it was necessary to accompany the dead in their last journey. For this, a special structure was built, a mortuary.


This pantheon was built specifically for prominent residents of the city of Volzhsky, which is on the other side of the Volga from Stalingrad. And served as a place where the farewell to the deceased.


The building is made in the shape of the letter “П”, has a number of columns along the walls and an altar in its far part. The architecture is more like an ancient necropolis.


Cemetery number 1 was the main and the first for the city, and of course it quickly ended the place. And since they ceased to bury, the need for mortuary has disappeared.


At the moment, it is the only remaining mortuary in Russia.



The altar is located in the main part of the morta, the deceased was placed on it.




Source: oesolod

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