M-17 Stratospheric Aerostat Fighter

Today I will tell you about the unique M-17 “Stratosphere” aircraft, whose wings are torn off, the body is disemboweled, and what remains is overgrown with weeds.

Abandoned Navy Analytical Center

Today in my report I would like to tell you about one very unusual and colorful place that we managed to visit with friends last year. Abandoned analytical center of the Soviet Navy with a receiving-transmitting center and disc-locators for space communications.

Abandoned Airport in Sukhumi

Before us is an abandoned airport in the village of Babushara near Sukhumi.

Secret Laboratory №5 of Research Institute-400

You know, for some people, Abkhazia is a resort country that has nothing to do with military and secret developments, but not for me.

Abandoned Soviet Military Base

Not far from the village Kinel Cherkassy there are abandoned military unit which had previously number 62977. Military camp, repair shop equipment and the airfield.

Abandoned Soviet Sanatorium

This ex-Soviet resort survived the collapse of the Soviet Union, survived the economic difficulties of the 1990s and the crises of the 2000s, but could not survive human greed, because of which as a result it was closed and was plundered by marauders literally one year ago – in 2017.

Abandoned Underground Air Bases in Eastern Europe

On the Soviet and Russian military airfields can often be found arch-shelters for fighters and bombers.

Abandoned Genetic Laboratory

Laboratory building of biophysics and radiobiology. Closed and mothballed since 2000.
Located in the town of Michurinsk, Tambov region.

“Gomel-30”. Atomic secret of the USSR

Somewhere in the south of Belarus, among the forests of Polissya is a small dot on the map, now called beautiful and peaceful – Zarechie.