Abandoned Genetic Laboratory

Laboratory building of biophysics and radiobiology. Closed and mothballed since 2000.
Located in the town of Michurinsk, Tambov region.

Secret base in the Siberia with Abandoned Trains

Near Yekaterinburg, on one of the bases of the Russian Railways, in the open air, rare trains are stored.

Abandoned research laboratory

This time we will go for a walk in the autumn forest and visit a rather interesting place – an abandoned research laboratory.

The abandoned soviet HARP

Almost before the collapse of the Soviet Union near Kharkov was built an ionospheric research station , which was directly analogous to the American HAARP project in Alaska.

Abandoned Kola Superdeep Borehole

The deepest bore hole in the world is located in the west of the Murmansk region, ten kilometers from the city of Zapolyarny and very close to the Norwegian border.

Abandoned Hadron Collider

A hundred kilometers from Moscow, near the Science City Protvino, in the forests of the Moscow region, was buried a treasure of tens of billions of rubles.

Abandoned Cable Car Station

Having noticed this place 5 years ago, I have traveled many times since then, but only this year I managed to get here.

Abandoned Murmansk Marine Biology Institute base

Continuing the story about the small town of Dalniye Zelentsy.

Abandoned Energia-M booster rocket

This post is about the abandoned dynamic test system at the site 112 of the Baikonur Cosmodrome.