Abandoned Aircraft Prototype Workshop

One summer night, we managed to get to one of the largest aviation plants in Moscow.

On the territory, we found a decommissioned workshop that produced parts for certain types of aircraft under license from MAI (Moscow Aviation Institute).

In 1965, a student design bureau (SDB) was formed at the aircraft building department of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI). It was engaged in the creation of experimental manned and remotely controlled light aircraft.

In 1999, by decree of the President of Russia, employees of the MAI and employees of the plant were awarded the State Prizes of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology for the development and commercialization of a family of ultralight multi-purpose aircraft.

One of the most successful projects was the Aviatika-MAI-890 aircraft. Began to develop this light multipurpose aircraft in 1987. The first flight he made in 1989. In the same year began its delivery and operation.

Since 1992, more than 200 Aviatika MAI 890 aircraft have been produced and sold. In 1999, a Russian certificate was obtained for the aircraft.

A few words about the Aviatika-MAI-890 aircraft. This is a light multipurpose aircraft designed for training flights, air travel, patrols, aerial surveys, etc. It belongs to the class of “very light aircraft” (VLA – very light airplane).

Despite the fact that from the side of the street the workshop seems to be working, it is completely abandoned.

In addition to Aviatiki, another interesting aircraft was created in the workshop – the T-101 Grach.

In the early 90s of the last century. In our country, great difficulties arose in the aircraft industry, major projects were frozen, the development of something new stopped

But despite all the difficulties the company “Aero Rocks” started work on the design of the T-101.

In 1992, development began and in 1993 the first aircraft was built in this workshop.

The T-101 was supposed to have the function of a quick re-equipment, so that it could be used as an ambulance plane, emergency rescue, patrol, for landing cargo and people.

Test pilot Viktor Vasilyevich Zabolotsky after the first flight said: “I did not get out of the cabin. I’m going to retire, and I will be flying this plane!”

But despite all the positive moments, the plane did not manage to get into the series. In this workshop, 50 aircraft kits were created, but they could not be sold. For the banal reason: the lack of finance from airlines in the mid-90s.

Although there is still a chance that the works of the employees of the design bureau and the plant were not in vain. The T-101 became the prototype for the new Viscount V100.


Full-scale mock-up of the E-1 aircraft project of “SAVIAT”

Lightweight four-five-seat aircraft “E-1” is intended for use: as a personal vehicle (“flying car”)

The approximate cost of a “flying car” is $ 150,000

T-411 “Stork”

The development of a light multipurpose T-411 aircraft began in 1994 at Rox-Aero.

In 1997, two prototypes were created. In the same year, the aircraft was shown at the MAKS-97 air show.

T-411 is designed to carry passengers and cargo over distances up to 1200 km.

The equipment is still in working condition. The shop has not yet begun to cut into scrap.

General view of one of the two halls of this workshop.


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