Abandoned Air Base

Tu-16 (Tupolev Tu-16 NATO reporting name: Badger), to the delight of local children and visitors, stands next to the aircraft factory as a museum exhibit.

Entered the territory of the airfield 🙂

The airfield is not abandoned but mothballed, the lights of the runway are on, a patrol in the form of a sergeant is riding in a minibus, military are sitting in some rooms 🙂

In the distance we can see the goal of our visit to the airfield, the Tu-22M3 (The Tupolev Tu-22M (Russian: Туполев Ту-22М; NATO reporting name: Backfire) is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing, long-range strategic and maritime strike bomber developed by the Tupolev Design Bureau.), but on the approach to the aircraft there is an obstacle in the form of a spiked ribbon 🙂

Crawled inside.

One of the points with which oversees the airfield and in the case of what is sent on duty to disperse very impudent “tourists”

This is how they looked when they were alive:


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