Interiors of the abandoned Lun ekranoplan

You can look at it from the outside in this post.

Let’s climb inside this ship/plane.The entrance.

There is a massive bitt right near the door for various flotation devices.

Near the same door there are fire-extinguishing appliances (have you seen anything like this on a plane?)

The view of the dock from the porthole of the opposite side entrance.

We’re moving towards the bow. On our way we pass a latrine located on the right.

There is a crew’s cabin on the same side (reminder: the ekranoplan can stay self-sufficient for 5 days)

The caboose is on the portside (take a look at the coverings)

Moving on: there is a 500 liter (132 gallon) potable water tank on the right.

A room with equipment.

Now we are almost inside the bow. There should be a small anchor somewhere.

Inside the very tip of the bow there is a marine radar system.

All of the equipment is compliant with naval standards by size and weight.

Going back a little and takings the stairs up we enter the crew cabin. I assume this is the panel operator’s workplace.

The general view. The screen in the center is that of the marine radar located in the nose of the ekranoplan.

The co-pilot’s seat.

I assume this is the engine control panel, but I don’t understand what the long handles are for. Maybe they are for the engine nozzles angle control or managing flaps during take-off.

The pilot’s side switches.

The pilot’s pedals.

Air dehumidification devices are installed along all of the windows.

The co-pilot’s side panel.

Equipment along the starboard.

The upper central control panel.

The view from the window at the pilot’s seat.

Let’s take a closer look at the instruments on the central panel. These are located on the co-pilot’s side.

The alarm.

Engine control instruments.

The upper panel.

The panel operator’s workplace.

There is another seat beside it, also has to do with something technical.

The view from the entrance to the cockpit.

The hatch for climbing up to the roof of the ekranoplan.

The way down from the cockpit, take a look at the naval type alarms.

Let’s move on to the tail. Here are some instruments whose purpose is unclear to me.

There is a fire prevention system installed because there are TA-6a auxiliary propulsion units nearby.

There are two of them, one for each four of the engines, and if I’m not mistaken, they launch the engines of the ekranoplan. They are located on both sides.

The insides.

If I am correct, this is test recording equipment.

On our way back we see the water tank again.

I don’t know what this is, but there are numerous valves, typical of a ship.

Let’s climb into the fire position located above

The cockpit under the first pair of the missile launchers.

A few bottom views.

And the view from the inside. Take a look at the rope with knots designed for evacuation in case there is an accident.

This is a BA-ZDP tower unit. This is some king of an electric alternating current engine located at a one of the sides. What is it for, I wonder?

We keep moving towards the tail.

Moving on.

Impressive wiring system, but not as neatly installed as it is usually done on planes.

A fire hose?

One of the hatches leading up to the tail unit horizontal stabilizers and radars that are installed there.

The bottom view of a shaft inside the tail unit. It is possible to climb to the second firing position and to the highest point of the ekranoplan by it.

Halfway there (looking down).

The view downwards halfway.

On our way to the top we see the second firing position, there’s also some equipment.

The rear firing position.

The hatch, view from above.

Images @ igor113

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