A derelict airfield and a Su-24 bomber aircraft

A partially abandoned air facility. Quite a few protected hangars and taxiway strips.

The takeoff strip is guarded. The airfield used to serve as a base for Su-24M frontline bombers (67th Bomber Wing).

The facility was used by military transport aviation for staff transportation between Saint-Petersburg and Baltiysk. As of now, the wing has been discontinued, some of the planes have been relocated to the town of Monchegorsk and some have been disposed of.

The former checkpoint.

A spare parts storage and a battery charging room. They have been looted and all valuable items have been stolen.

The first hangars

Massive protective hangar gates.

The room where the gate operating device used to be.

Apparently, scrap metal hunters couldn’t get one of the parts of the device up to the fence and dropped it.

And, finally, we came across this handsome guy – a Su-24M.

For reference:

Su-24 (NATO reporting name: Fencer) – a Russian frontline bomber with a variable-sweep wing. The plane was designed for carrying out missile-and-bombing raids under any weather conditions, during the nighttime as well as daytime, and also for low-altitude precision surface target damaging.

And now just sit back and enjoy (or feel sorry).

The air inlet of the engine.

A dismantled wing.

Couldn’t help it.

The cockpit

All of the so-called colleagues of this plane have been cut up into parts, and soon this one will also meet them in the melt shop.

A hangar with a few PTB-2000 external fuel tanks.

Images by Krymchik, reproduced with permission

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