Abandoned military machinery

Once again we are in the Moscow region, and once again in the woods.

The fences collapsed a long time ago, the guard booths are empty, the grounds, stretching for tens of hectars, have been covered with autumn leaves for many years in a row.

The marshy soil makes you carefully look for ways to get to the site. While we are hopping from one hillock to the next, I’m silently blaming myself for not having thought about taking some rubber boots on this little “walk in the woods” this morning.

The first small miltary vehicle parking ground was found almost immdiately after we crossed what used to be the line around the facility.

So far it is not clear if anybody is here, so we try to avoid open spaces.

There is nothing else to look at in this spot, so we walk on. Then we stumble upon a small hangar with locked gates.

The gates are locked, but the windows have fallen out. That happens sometimes, too. The inside space used to serve as a storage. There is a lot left in there.

Some kind of complex equipment and its parts.

Some things are brand new and inside a package.

Some things are just scattered around on the floor.

Let’s move on.

On satellite images it can be seen that there used to be a lot of machinery in front of the hangar. Now very little is left of it.

Then it gets more interesting. A typical long container.

And a very distinctive waste deposit. This is actually what we have been looking for here.

The missiles have come from a very old air defense missile system.

And then we are walking the roads again, and along the roads old military vehicles are rotting away.

Another ground that used to be filled with vehicle units.

And a couple of trucks.

The next ground turned out to be fenced. The sensors look old, though. They probably don’t work.

There is a light on the building in the background. The spot is lit 24 hours a day.

The building itself is absolutely empty, so, after a very quick tour around the floors, we took a good position on one of the balconies and took advantage of the last few minutes of daylight to take some photos of the vehicles from above.

After that the twilight started to quickly turn into darkness, and we rushed to leave this peculiar woods before it would become necessary to turn on the flashlights to continue the way.

Images by Lana Sator

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