Abandoned industrial plant

The galleries are stretched on long distances, crossing and overlapping with each other.

In some spots right inside the galleries it’s possible to stumble upon small spare parts depots and sometimes even workshops.

Closer to the manufacturing halls the initial purpose of the galleries becomes clear: they served as a conveyor belt used to move the finished product and the parts between manufacturing areas.

And thus, following the conveyor belt, we reach the assembly building.

From time to time we see dried up plants, and quite big ones, too. Such a shame.

Some workplaces still look nice and homely.

And the halls themselves lie in scenic ruins with equipment remnants.

In small and cozy rooms located around the central part of a hall, there are offices, storage rooms, workshops, some fascinating equipment and machinery.

The deeper you go, the more interesting the halls seem.

A storage of various metal items.

It is curious that the equipment here is not sawn apart for scraps yet, but is being sold in its integrity. On some of the machines we saw the signs indicating that they had been sold.

Some of the spots where equipment used to be have already been vacated, and the large empty spots where they used to be were flooded with the morning sun.

By the way, the plant manufactured washing machines, ceiling lamps and souvenir chess as well as low-voltage apparatus (automatic switches).

The consumer products section was closed as well as many other parts of the plant, and we went down to the ground floor, to the testing area.

Here, huge control rooms and some fascinating testing electronic equipment were awaiting

And storage rooms, as usual.

The next manufacturing area was a space with multiple workplaces equipped with range hoods: maybe they were plumbing or painting something in here

The purpose of all this equipment was to assemble and test the parts of the product: cutouts, automatic switches, switchboards and power converters.

The final stage of the manufacturing process: packaging. Here is the machine that used to weld the plastic bags containing the products.

And here is one of the types of the product that was manufactured here

Ending the tour of the assembly area, we pass some more wonderful machinery while heading into the utilities building.

Inside the building there was a nice-looking bar and buffet waiting for us

The nailed-up cafeteria with a burnt down roof (take a look at the surrounding views!)

The gym with many types of sports equipment

And the museum of the plant.

Inside the museum, apart from rumble, empty walls and product samples you can find this amazing mock-up of the whole facility.

We only managed to see about one third of the plant, but I hope that it was the most interesting part.

Images by Lana-sator

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