Abandoned Cable Car Station

Having noticed this place 5 years ago, I have traveled many times since then, but only this year I managed to get here.

Once upon a time there were three lines of a pendulum ropeway of sufficiently large scales, which comprised two lines.

“Big” line of the first stage of the cable car.

The capacity of the trailer is 80 people.

A small cable car of the first stage with a capacity of 45 people.

Control panel.

Station of a small cable car “Komsomolskaya”.

The control panel of the small cable car.

Part of a large industrial complex.

Lower station of the second line of the cable car.

Housings of the cable car stations.

Supports and view down.

The diameter of these wheels is about five meters.

The support of the cable car, on the top two stations are visible.

View of the city from above. The city is still alive.

Source danila85

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