Abandoned Medical Research Institute

So, before us is one of the leading research institutes engaged in research in the field of medicine, microbiology regarding the influence of weightlessness and other extreme effects on the organisms of living things.

And here we are inside. We will begin the inspection from the first floor and will move from bottom to top.

In the foreground – a special survival suit “Trout” (in case of emergency splashdown, the astronaut can be in such a suit on the water up to three days).

We continue the inspection and get into the laboratory. Some places have special boxes for working with radioactive substances.

There are a lot of chemical glassware, now nobody needs it.

Of particular interest are foreign magazines, posters, research materials, letters and other exhibits in the field of space. This is due to the fact that the research institutes also studied the influence of weightlessness and other extreme conditions, and also developed measures to ensure the safety of space flights.

This is one of the many chemical laboratories.

At the entrance to the laboratory, classic Soviet watches hang, massively found in all Soviet institutions.

For example, this colorful pack of jars is Freund’s adjuvant, an immune response stimulator (emulsion with killed mycobacteria).

Various scientific and technical reports, conference descriptions, illustrative material, posters.

Time here seemed to freeze at the beginning of the 90s. Faded calendars, old refrigerators, yellowed blueprints, characteristic Soviet furniture.

We are going up the stairs to the second floor.

In this sunny room on the table, we find various devices – torsion scales, leukocyte blood counts and foreign copy paper.

The cozy atmosphere of the Research Institute of the 80s.

Of course, not without Soviet communist literature. Many volumes of Marx, Engels and Lenin.

And in the picture there are three photographs of the employees of the research institute.

In some places you can find the remains of climate test equipment.
For example, these Heraeus Vötsch climate chambers are made in Germany and can simulate temperatures from -40 to 180 ° C.

There are many scientific books on biology, medicine and various studies. It is worth paying attention to tubes of Soviet food for astronauts !!!

It’s time to go. The place is very interesting, a kind of excursion into the past and immersion in fundamental science!
This is where I finish my report, I hope you enjoyed it.

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