Abandoned Tractor Factory

We go into one of the production buildings of the plant, it is best preserved at the moment.

First of all, we move along a long corridor, part of the doors are closed, we won’t poke our nose there. Having reached almost to the end of the corridor we still come across an open door, most likely this is a laboratory for testing diesel engines, or rather one of its parts.

Most likely there was some work with the exhaust system.

The next room is littered with Soviet instruments and recorders. A part has already been plundered and scattered around the room in a chaotic manner.

I saw massive iron doors, similar to a hermetic door but obviously not airtight, I open the bolt.

Compressor, lamp, scales. The appointment is not very clear to me, you can tell me in the comments. In the background is seen the glass, from the other room could monitor the conduct of the experiment.

Near a workbench with a bunch of tools and a vice, there is even a first-aid kit.

Next door and stairs to the second floor. There was a pool table in one of the rooms.

We leave the room and go down a floor below, the engine assembly workshop.

I take the last shot in complete silence, cats scratch my soul, because another tractor factory has ceased to exist.

Autor: Maxim Mayorov

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