A derelict industrial lab

Once upon a night we got into a recently abandoned lab building, recently meaning in the past few years, including the last year.

Since I once again went by the idea that it’s better to have photos with speckle than with flash or none whatsoever, this is what came out of it.

The upper floor was totally dedicated to chemistry.

The interiors on the other floor were slightly different

We also found a small sci-tech library here, and quite a nice one too

And then — rooms and more rooms again, from offices to research spaces.

A bunch of really cool equipment

The building is slowly crumbling down, but on the whole it is quite steady and will be here for a long time if it doesn’t get demolished.

A huge electronic microscope. It’s under preservation status. It’s highly unlikely that it will ever be brought back to life.

A mysterious semisphere in the entrance hall

And finally the lab where the strength of materials was studied.

Overall, quite a curious site 🙂

Images by lana sator, reproduced with permission


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