Abandoned space shuttles

A little more than a month ago I returned from a trip to the heart of the main space harbor of this country: the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

An aircraft boneyard

The first airplane was located exactly at the spot indicated by the satellite map positioning data.

Abandoned lab at a forestry research institute

This small lab (as it later turned out, it used to research soil and forest problems) is part of one of the forestry management institutions.

Abandoned industrial plant

The galleries are stretched on long distances, crossing and overlapping with each other.

Abandoned Special Purpose Research Institute

Well, the abandoned high-rise building of one of the special purpose research institutes of the Moscow region is in front of us.

An abandoned tropospheric communications station

On top of St. Michael Hill near the city of Anadyr, a number of huge non-operational antennas are towering.

Storm simulation pool

This is an absolutely non-typical site with a strange and sad history.

Abandoned porcelain factory

This is a recently closed factory that used to manufacture ceramic, porcelain and gypsum items.

Corrosion testing station above the Arctic Circle

Here, in the village of Dalniye Zelentsy, the Severnaya corrosion testing station, the only one above the Arctic Circle, still survives.