Abandoned shelter of the closed confectionery factory “Sputnik”

Today we will tell you about the abandoned shelter of the Sputnik confectionery factory that has ceased to exist in Khabarovsk, in which there are many reminders of the factory’s past activities.

We go down into one of the two sloping entrances.

And after the turn we meet such a protective and hermetic door at the entrance to the vestibule-sluice.

By the way, its weight is 750 kg.

Having passed the vestibule, we find ourselves in a hall for shelters for 300 people.

The lion’s part of it is littered with rolls of packages from various sweets and other confectionery.

Many kilometers of packaging for a huge range of no longer produced candies.

Another part of the hall is occupied by boxes with bottles, in which various concentrated syrups and other components of confectionery are poured.

Let’s take a look at the life support rooms of this protective structure.

There is a filter-ventilation unit with filter-absorbers FP-300 located here.

There were also bathrooms for men and women.

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