Abandoned Bank Vault

This time there was a unique place, namely a shelter converted into a bank vault.

Despite the fact that the premises have been abandoned for several years, it is still connected to electricity supply.

When I turned on the switch, to my surprise, the light almost flashed in all rooms.

A sensor is visible above the doors. In the rooms used to be an alarm system.

The bank went bankrupt in the early 2000s. And only this depository remained from him.

In this safe, at the beginning of the storage, there were bulletproof vests and special equipment, now there is only one useless bulletproof vest.

Corridor. The total number of rooms is about ten.

If in the first room all the deposit boxes were closed, then in this one some are open.

Such niches are in every room. On a piece of paper written tariffs for deposit boxes, which is about 10 bucks a month, so much it costed before.

In some rooms there are such tables, apparently for customers. You can see that there are keys in some boxes.

Keys. By the way, it’s just impossible to open it, even with a key, as each section is additionally locked.


Some rooms are already in poor condition.

The biggest and most affected room. There is no light in it, and strong humidity, which quickly destroys everything.

Sealable ventilation window leading to the exit.

Source saoirse-2010

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