A derelict hospital

At the entrance to the hospital there is a security desk, but fortunately the guard himself was away at the moment.

Right behind the entrance there is the reception desk and the file cabinets, as usual.

Nice hallways with really cool chairs.

You can even turn the lights on in some parts of the building.

In here, the lights work as well.

A chamber of horrors. A place of fear. The dentist’s office. Even that peculiar smell is still there. Ugh.

All the items that are marked with a cross are written off the inventory. Sometimes for no apparent reason – this chair, for example, is very comfortable.

Really cool glasses.

If I’m not mistaken, this is a blood centrifuge.

Some equipment for lab analysis

A new X-ray lamp.

Where did it come from? From the fully equipped x-ray department.

These units are marked with crosses, so they are written off as well. The lights in the X-ray room also work.

This is a very cool relaxation room. Even with a wide-angle lens getting it all in one shot was not possible.

There are light squares on the ceiling and a mirror on the opposite wall. Apparently, they did psychologic counseling here.

Images by pila_dotoshnaya, reproduced with permission

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