Abandoned club “Young Technician”

It was possible to visit a very strange place – an abandoned municipal creative youth center.
An unguarded building, which until recently had several free model classes in aviation, shipbuilding, railways, and architecture.

In general, I have long ceased to amaze institutions abandoned along with a large number of property – products, furniture, equipment and various equipment.

Such heaps of rubbish are perceived almost as a matter of course on the Russian open spaces – as opposed to empty Europe places, which are so like to show on the Internet.

A kitchenette that looks like you can turn on a microwave and a coffee machine right now, warm up lunch and drink hot coffee is almost not surprising.

Or machines, on which it is still possible to work – this is everywhere.

Here they were engaged in model hobbies. Glued and painted large-scale figures. Participated in competitions and contests, taking prizes. And then they left, leaving everything behind.

Throwing the results of many hours of enthusiastic work, hard work and nested soul.

I do not know what is waiting for this building, demolition in favor of building or reconstruction, but the former institution will most likely never return here.

And the boys will go to very different clubs to glue very different models …

Competitive work 11-year-old child. Castle on the hill in a glass box. Striking detail, – maybe dad helped? It doesn’t matter now.

Bird with a pilot inside and numerous control panels.

So it goes.
Thank you for watching, I really wanted to share.


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