Akarmara: Caucasian Ghost Town

Perhaps in every country there is at least one ghost town. The causes of their occurrence can be very different, from natural and man-made disasters to armed conflicts.


The once elite village of Akarmara is just one of these ghosts. Located near the town of Tkuarchal (Tkvarcheli) and in fact its district, now it is a godsend for lovers of romance of abandoned buildings.


The most interesting village for its architecture. After the Second World War destroyed Akarmaru restored German prisoners who built the building in the European style.

Акармара: кавказский город-призрак

Despite the fact that the village was quite small, soon there appeared its own school, hospital and hotel.


Even 30 years ago, the city was filled with life. It was inhabited mainly by families of miners who worked in the Tkvarcheli coal mines.

After the collapse of the USSR in 1992, Abkhazia declared its independence, which led to the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict. Tkuarchal was under siege for 412 days.

The entire city was subjected to mass bombardment, and Akarmara was no exception. Residents were forced to flee, but then many still hoped to return.

In the abandoned apartments are books, dishes and toys, covered with dust. Linen has been drying on balconies for 30 years. The city gradually tightens greens – nature returns its own.

Source: Boom, urbanomica

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