Lavrentiy Beria’s derelict villa

The construction of the building was started in the beginning of the 20th century and finished in the 1930s. It is listed as a cultural heritage site. It was also Beria’s villa.

For reference:

Lavrentiy Beria belonged to Joseph Stalin’s inner circle. He was in charge of a few most important branches of the defense industry, including all nuclear weapons development projects and rocket engineering. He also supervised USSR’s nuclear program implementation.

Later on the building was occupied by a record company for some time. Now it belongs to somebody else I don’t even know and is under security, but if you manage to get inside you can enjoy the beautiful architecture, staircases, chimneys, wood engraving and more.

This is indeed a very nice building, but it is absolutely empty (what is more, it is deteriorating as time goes by, and its renovation keeps being delayed). On the whole, it was a walk among snow piles on a beautiful sunny day.

The view from the main hall on the 2nd floor

The entrance to a balcony on the left side of the hall.

Various rooms.

The entrance to the main balcony on the 2nd floor.

Pillars and a chimney. The room looked especially beautiful in the sunlight.

The main staircase made of wood.

The spot where the chandelier used to be attached to the ceiling in the main hall.

Balconies on the 2nd floor.

Room numbers.

Beautiful plasterwork and painted ornaments.

Household buildings and outhouses can also be found on the grounds.

Images by alexdoomer2009, reproduced with permission

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