A shut down children’s hospital

Today’s report is about a very curious and rather creepy-looking abandoned site that I visited this spring: a well-preserved shut down children’s hospital in Moscow.1. Let’s start the tour with the isolation wards in the first floor. Here we’re greeted by old friends: the characters of “Nu, Pogodi!”, a Soviet animated series.

2. Since the building has four levels, there is an elevator. But the power is out already, so we’ll take the stairs.

3. Inside the wards there are large quantities of various drugs and pills that are scattered around and no longer needed.

4. This is what a hospital floor looks like.

5. We get to a playroom in the second floor, where some art classes also took place. A children’s wheelchair looks creepy and sad in here.


7. The doctors’ offices look absolutely normal on the inside. There are cots for medical examinations and health-themed posters.


9. Then we proceed to the left wing of the building. Here endless isolation wards are located along the hallway.

10. On our way we see lots of medical equipment.

11. There are dozens of wards on each floor, empty beds everywhere.

12. Then we go further up the stairs.

13. Then we get to the former operating room. Here, you can find the operating table, special anesthesia equipment, wheelchairs, etc.

14. Then we head to the kitchen. There are piles of plates that are still intact, spoons and forks.

16. On another floor we find infant wards. This place looks even sadder: empty cradles all around.

18. We see a lot of various medical syringe packs, as it is often the case in such places.

19.  Another photo of the operating room.

20. Let’s walk around this floor a little more.

25. The operating room again. The interiors look a bit like the set for the Saw movie series.

26. Inside other rooms. Actually, there are so many of them that I’m not sure I managed to see them all.


29. The event hall is easily accessible.


31. Some more walking around the wards.

32. And this is where we finish the tour of the site.

Images by alexdoomer2009, reproduced with permission

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