A derelict resort

This resort and recreation facility, wonderful in every respect, is situated near Moscow and was closed for renovation a few years ago. But then something must have gone wrong, and as a result the 4-storey building located on a scenic riverside was simply forgotten and abandoned.

The surrounding grounds are overgrown with weeds, but the building itself, constructed in the 1980s, still looks very nice.

The main part of the building has four residential floors and a commercial ground floor.

In the back of the building common areas are located, the cafeteria, for example.

Old brochures help to keep memory of splendid (by Soviet standards) recreational facilities and service.

This is what the entrance lobby looks like today.

The first hallway that leads to the staircase and to the elevators. You can use either to get to the residential part.

The sign saying «Bar» points down to the ground floor, so let’s go find it.

There is a floor scrubber forgotten by someone in the hallway.

Elevators surrounded with colorful wallpaper.

Here is the aforementioned bar.

They had a piano for creating a nice ambience, just like in every respectable bar.

A small hall with tables.

The offices were also located on the same floor.

Some spare lamp shades.

All that remains of the first-aid post is a couple of cabinets.


The guests were offered to relax in hot tubs.

Apart from that, there was a very well equipped sauna. This is the dressing room.

This is one of the steam rooms.

After the steam room one could dive into a pool.

After finishing up on the ground floor, we go up the stairs.

In the central part of the first floor there is a huge room where pool tables used to be. Now there is nothing left, everything has been taken away.

But the lights are still in place, it is even possible to turn them on.

The glass doors lead to other rooms.

Behind them there used to be a cafeteria.

Now it is just an empty light-filled hall.

Naturally, behind the cafeteria there is a kitchen.

Most of the equipment has been taken apart for scrap metal.

The kitchen hoods are still intact.

And some of the appliances.

The ovens.

The hallways in the residential parts all look the same and are empty.

The only room that is of some interest is a hall in the central part of the top floor.

Here you can find a table with carefully aligned remote controls belonging to multiple TV sets.

And this is the view from the windows. A wide alley leads to the riverside, where the former half-deteriorated boat rental station is located.

From the same hall it is possible to get to an interesting storage room.

Television sets and some other electronic appliances are still stored here.

The electrician’s room.

Apparently, he was collecting discharged batteries for some reason.

Having opened one of the doors we found some equipment that looked painfully familiar.

Soviet movie projectors cannot be mistaken for anything else.

They are still operational, for sure.

If there is a projection room, there must be a cinema hall.

On the stage, there are signs of some kind of celebration that was held here.

Maybe they were celebrating Mardi Gras, eating crepes in the cafeteria, in accordance with the Russian traditions, and later running out of the steam room of the sauna to dive into snow?

A view of the hall from the stage.

It’s a shame that all of this is no longer used and will be eventually put to waste.

Images by Deletant, reproduced with permission

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