Abandoned Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Silo Launcher

Today we will infiltrate into ballistic missile silo launcher  SS-18 (Satan).

Our path lay through the fields of hemp.

Missile silo was mothballed after leaving the military. The lid is covered with earth and overgrown with grass.

We did the digging and got inside.

We fall into the small room and through the door penetrate into missile silo bunker.

Depth 40 meters.

After dinner, we begin to prepare for the second goal of our trip – a visit to the SCP (Strengthened Command Post), which operated this (and five other) missile silos.

SCP is the same silo, but inside is not a rocket, but a twelve-level cylinder-container. The cylinder is suspended on shock absorbers, which allows it to quench seismic vibrations from possible atomic explosions and, thus, to maintain the equipment and bones of the shift.

On the lowest 12th floor there is a toilet and beds. There is also a stopped elevator.


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