• Abandoned Kola Superdeep Borehole

    The deepest borehole in the world is located in the west of the Murmansk region, ten kilometers from the city of Zapolyarny and very close...

  • Abandoned space shuttles

    A little more than a month ago I returned from a trip to the heart of the main space harbor of this country: the Baikonur...

  • Abandoned research laboratory

    This time we will go for a walk in the autumn forest and visit a rather interesting place – an abandoned research laboratory.

  • Abandoned Tractor Plant

    The whole complex of buildings and territory of the Vladimir Tractor Plant are now owned by LLC VTZ Regulated Development Zone, which is undergoing bankruptcy...

  • An abandoned chemistry lab

    When a large industry starts to decline and fall apart, it often drags down its scientific institutions and manufacturing facilities, too.

  • A space capsule graveyard

    I have always been intrigued and attracted by anything that’s related to space. So, once upon a rainy night I opened the door of an...

  • The abandoned soviet HARP

    Almost before the collapse of the Soviet Union near Kharkov was built an ionospheric research station , which was directly analogous to the American HAARP...

  • Abandoned Hadron Collider

    A hundred kilometers from Moscow, near the Science City Protvino, in the forests of the Moscow region, was buried a treasure of tens of billions...

  • Abandoned Genetic Laboratory

    Laboratory building of biophysics and radiobiology. Closed and mothballed since 2000. Located in the town of Michurinsk, Tambov region.

  • A derelict industrial lab

    Once upon a night we got into a recently abandoned lab building, “recently“ meaning in the past few years, including the last year.

  • An aircraft boneyard

    The first airplane was located exactly at the spot indicated by the satellite map positioning data.

  • A uranium mine on the Kolyma River

    At the 222 kilometer post (mile 138) of the Tenkinskiy Route near the Kolyma River there is a brightly colored sign warning about radiation.

  • An airplane graveyard

    On our way home from the Crimea in 2002 we had a chance to visit a very interesting site in the Zaporizhzhia region of Ukraine.