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“Gomel-30”. Atomic secret of the USSR

Somewhere in the south of Belarus, among the forests of Polissya is a small dot on the map, now called beautiful and peaceful – Zarechie.

Bunny stuck in fence…-50 Celsius

Bunny stuck in fence…. On the street -50 Celsius

Severe Russian women

In the network appeared a video of an unusual accident, in which a woman on a pedestrian crossing is knocked down by a dark car.

On the shots you can see that eyewitnesses are already ready to rush to her aid, but literally in a second the victim stands up and continues to walk

Brave Dove

At one plant in Chelyabinsk. Brave Dove did not tolerate “bullying” from the worker and decided to deal with his offender in a manly manner.

Nutty jumped from the balcony of a multi-storey building

In the Moscow area of the city of Ivanovo, a young man jumped from the balcony of a multi-storey building with a parachute. At the same time the parachute was not complicated in the knapsack.

Kamaz overtakes rivals at a speed of 130 mph

Dakar 2018 | Kamaz overtakes rivals at a speed of 130 mph

Secret base in the Siberia with Abandoned Trains

Near Yekaterinburg, on one of the bases of the Russian Railways, in the open air, rare trains are stored.

Abandoned research laboratory

This time we will go for a walk in the autumn forest and visit a rather interesting place – an abandoned research laboratory.

This is not Pripyat… Report from the “dead zone”

The village “Solnechny”(Sunny) was exposed to radioactive contamination as a result of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.