Secret Laboratory №5 of Research Institute-400

You know, for some people, Abkhazia is a resort country that has nothing to do with military and secret developments, but not for me.

Today we will visit the facility, code-named Laboratory No. 5  RI-400 or Kasatka.

In February 1944, on the basis of the Resolution of the State Defense Committee in Leningrad, a torpedo-research institute-400 was established, later renamed the Central Research Institute “Gidropribor”.

Among all test sites of the USSR, “Kasatka” was a unique marine laboratory for full-scale testing of equipment, mines and mine complexes for noise immunity and survivability.

Inside the building, the atmosphere of post-apocalypse.


One of the topics that was studied here was the question of homing the torpedoes on the wake.

REMEMBER! Writing secret information in a notebook – you are DOING a step to divulging state secrets!

Lenin and torpedo.

Library … How many books ….

Soviet posters.

Despite the fact that the organization is long dead, the plants live here, as if an invisible hand watered them …

Source VMulder

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