Report from a derelict health resort

Today I present to you a report from sunny Abkhasia. This time it will be from the cozy resort town of Gagra. This will be a story about a tour around a derelict health resort.

1.Having come a long way, we go up the mountain and find ourselves right in front of the health resort.

There are palm trees all around, staircases leading up, a beautiful, though unoperational, fountain, the water flows down the pipe and runs down in streams towards the sea.

There is no one around, just peace and quiet and quite hot. Let’s go up the stairs.

2. We come up to the front door, but alas! It is nailed up with a bunch of woodboards.

Nobody has been expecting us, apparently. Let’s try and go in through the first open window – but no, the next door is closed as well.

We have to get out and keep looking. So, without further hesitation, we squeeze through a narrow hole right in the facade of the building and find ourselves in the main hall.

3. Let’s go upstairs and come inside the rooms on the 3rd floor.

4. Then we look out to the street and take a photo of the view towards the southwest. You can see other rooms and the sea in a distance from here.

5. Let’s go up to the 4th floor, the rooms here we more expensive, the view of the sea was better, and the balcony balustrades were more stylishly designed.

It is easy to imagine renting one of these rooms, getting up early , coming out to the balcony and looking at the sea…

6. Another shot from the common balcony on the 3rd floor. Here you can see the columns that are clearly visible in the first picture.

7. The next photo shows the room under the left tower on the 4th floor.

There is beautiful plasterwork on the ceiling, and in general this is a very pretty terrace room.

8. My favorite shot — the view down from the 4th floor and the staircases winding down from the main building of the resort.

9. The room at the end of the hallway on the 2nd floor.

10. Now let’s go up to the attic and from there to the roof. It is very hot up here; the metal is heated by the southern sun.

11. We take another shot of the palm trees growing at the ground level of the resort.

12. The common balcony of the 2nd floor.

13. Now let’s go back down to the 1st floor and to the main hall. There is a traditional image of a compass on the floor. Then, we go down and outside.

14.  But before that we take another shot of the balconies on the 4th floor.

15. And a general photo of the surroundings, the views of Gagra are just magnificent.

16. After coming outside we take a picture of the facade.

17. Details of the ornamental balustrade.

18. The non-operational fountain I’ve mentioned before

19. And one more view of the resort. And now we have to leave if we want to have time for a swim in the sea tonight.

Images by alexdoomer2009, reproduced with permission

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