A derelict Russian police station

Two storeys of breathtaking hallways, lock-up wards hidden in the corners, file cabinets, sign plates, police gear, service caps, ‘Have you seen this man?’ posters and so on.

Here we saw curses and autographs scribbled on the inside doors of the cells… Ugh. This place definitely posesses a certain charm. We were also amazed by the storage units full of fingerptint files, pieces of evidence and mug books, an entire photo lab and a huge number of passports scattered around the building. Everything there was to see is in the pictures.

USSR Passports

Uncle Lenin is watching over everything.

In one of the rooms we found some keys, and then these locked boxes in another one

The text of the loyalty oath.

Have you seen this man?

The staircase leading to the second floor.


The room where the known offender files were kept.

Those lockups that I’ve mentioned earlier.

The doors were simply latched; people only stayed here for a short while. Their primary occupation seemed to be scribbling various words or their names on the inner side of the door.

Inside the photo lab.

The assembly hall.

Mug shots.

There was also a box full of photos taken in the course of invesigations next to them.

Law enforcement officers sure knew how to have fun 🙂

Personal records inside a file cabinet.

The main receiving room.

Fragments of two wrapped up pieces of evidence, there were many more.

The view of same reception room from the other side. The curtains are closing… the show is over.

Images by alexdoomer2009, reproduced with permission

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