Derelict military medical warehouses

Near the Russian city of Kostroma, a few derelict military storage bases are located.

Apparently, the area has been used by the armed forces for various purposes since the 1960s. The last time it was used for storage of military hardware, equipment and supplies for the medical forces.

This is a vast territory that had probably hosted ground missile sites, shafts, semiburied storage units, bunkers and shelters, a training ground with a trench system, etc. As of now, the military have left the site, the warehouses and the garages are empty.

Apart from the aforementioned objects, there are also barracks, a guardhouse, a household building, a boiler room and an operational power substation. The site has probably been moved off of the Defense Ministry’s books and is now being looted by civilians.

Hardware and equipment parts still remain on the site. The metal details had been neatly separated, piled up and are ready to be taken away.

All of the warehouses have been broken into, and some are completely devastated.

There a few semiburied structures on the grounds.

The roof slabs have been already taken off the barracks. They might have already come in handy during construction of new residential buildings in Kostroma.

The barrack with a watchtower looks interesting.

The spot where the weapons were charged and discharged is now empty.

Very often it is impossible to drive up to the already empty warehouses because the slabs have been dismantled.

The warehouses are empty inside.

In some spots there is some equipment left.

And also a few shelf units.

Despite the fact that there are seals on some of the doors, all of the buildings have been broken into one way or another.

Some of the equipment in the warehouses had already become outdated when the site was abandoned, and doesn’t even attract the looters.

Nobody needs the empty boxes.

Nobody needs the health records either.

Or the plasma substitute.

Or the rope.

There was a time when all of this was used.

And now it’s abandoned.

While most of what is stored in the warehouses is nothing out of the ordinary, the weird powder substances look suspicious.

Sometimes it is possible to see marks on the walls that were left by soldiers.

The woods around the base are really beautiful. I wonder if the military select places like this one on purpose.

Images @ Gena Martynov

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