Vega: a derelict military tracking center

Once upon a warm summer day we headed to Vega – a tracking facility.

The facility was designed for position determination, detecting, classification and trajectory tracking on the ground, the sea and in the air based on the object’s own radioelectronic equipment emission. It consists of a few reception towers and a data processing center where all the data received by the towers is transmitted.

The road to the site went through a bog, but sticks, planks and other stuff helped us to cross it without getting wet.
Leaving the slush and the bog behind, we came up to one of the towers.

Inside there is a ladder that we used to climb up. A nice view of the city opens from the top.

After climbing down, we headed to the computer center down a cable postern.

When we got to the computer center, we realized we were a couple years late. Everything was destroyed and sawn apart before us. There was nothing but rotting ruins.

However, the ruins did not look disgusting enough to turn us away. That is why you should get to sites in time in order not to find yourself in such situations.

This is all that is left of the control rooms.

So, the lesson is simple and clear: you should get to sites in time.

Images by RALPH MIREBS, reproduced with permission

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