In the backyard of a missile production plant

In the backyard of a missile production plant.

Once we decided that we wanted to visit a missile production plant. Since nobody would have let us in at the main checkpoint, we went around the site and entered the woods at the back.

Just a few hundred yards into the forest we started to come across derelict structures.

This little yellow house that looks as if it came from a playground is home to a well.

Inside the buildings all kinds of weird-looking details were waiting for us.

Remains of some posters

And a dead rat’s scull

The deeper into the woods we went, the more we were convinced that we were going the right way.

Time was moving along as we were walking on, passing derelict buildings one by one, and coming to realize that nobody was rushing to catch us and that the site in general looked abandoned, as if nobody was there.

And finally, when we were going around yet another structure, we found ourselves on an open ground… What was there ground made us go ‘oops’ and get down.

Having taken some pictures from a distance, shuffled around some dry leaves and conferred in whispers, we realized that nobody was there.
The find turned out to be not so dangerous after all — the containers were empty.

Green cylinders with red caps are missile containers for C-300 surface-to-air missile system. The writing 48N6 on the container indicates the type of missile loaded into it.

There were also some fun-colored wooden missiles inside. These are mass-dimensional missile mock-ups.

Behind the containers there was a tall structure looking like some kind of a test facility.

And a garage with a drape-covered entrance next to it.

Someone’s workplace was behind the drape.

The large cylinder next to the garage is a liquid nitrogen tank.

A passage going through the tall structure.

And under it there was a huge hole in the ground — a rocket exhaust vent.

We went up the stairs a little

Then it started to get dark very fast, and we rushed to leave the grounds while it was still light so that we didn’t have to wander around a dark forest stumbling upon pieces of missiles scattered around 🙂

To be continued.

Images by Lana Sator

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