Derelict maximum security prison

In the city of Saransk there is a derelict prison, or, more precisely, a penal settlement and a production facility for severe offenders.

Inmates that were held here were put to work, manufacturing rubber goods. In the mid-1990s the production facility went into decline, and first the workshops were shut down and then the prison itself.

We arrived at the site late at night, when it was already dark.

The site is located near an operational production plant, and to get there you have to go cross the grounds of the plant, walking along some railway tracks. After walking on for a short while we went off the path into the bushes, then walked along a wall with barbed wire on top, and finally arrived at our destination.

The first thing we saw was the production facility. This is where we started exploring the site.

The workshop is empty inside; there are no machines or shelving units. Since the place is currently frequented by Airsoft players, the barrels, ribbons and other obstacles had been installed by them.

In one of the rooms of the workshop we discovered an alarm in the window.

After a tour of the workshop, we moved on. On our way we stumbled across this installation: someone had mounted a typewriter on a rusty barrel.

The next building might have been where the offices were located.

We enter. There are stairs right behind the door leading up to the second floor and long hallways running through both wings of the building.

We decided to go left. There are two empty rooms and a lonely safe deposit box in the third one.

The last two rooms at the end of the hallway were bathrooms.

In the right wing there were changing rooms with lockers for the workers.

We go up to the second floor and find ourselves in a room that we dubbed “the director’s office”. There is lining instead of wallpaper, a large desk in the middle and posters on the walls.

Then we headed to the inmate discipline unit, where the convicts were held.

This building served as punitive confinement for the most prominent inmates, so to say. 🙂

And we’re inside. The cell doors are wide open, as if welcoming us in… Oops. I didn’t mean to say that.

The first room on the right might have been the guards’ since it had another door and no bars.

Cells differ considerably: there are very small ones with two-tier board beds and bigger ones with tables and benches.

There are huge and thick bars in the windows.

There are double doors in every cell, one is barred and the other is solid wood or steel with a peephole and a hole for delivering food.

We also found electromagnetic locks on two doors, or maybe they were alarms, we couldn’t tell for sure.

The window with double bars in the hallway.

We saw this thing on the ceiling. No idea what it is, but sure looks creepy.

We left this building and went on to the next one. It was probably a washroom or a shared steam room.

A long hallway and rooms with pipes, looks like a steam room.

The next building was the community center.

Well, looks like that’s all with the most interesting objects on this site.

Images @ Nik promo

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