Abandoned Navy Analytical Center

Today in my report I would like to tell you about one very unusual and colorful place that we managed to visit with friends last year. Abandoned analytical center of the Soviet Navy with a receiving-transmitting center and disc-locators for space communications.

Inside, everything is destroyed.

The building is a “barrel” of cylindrical shape.

Therefore, almost all rooms are located in sectors around the circular corridors.

Inside the rooms you can find remnants of equipment and local literature.

Basically, these are political and agitation publications of the 70-80s.

In many rooms were laid thick cables.

Corridors of the complex are decorated with visual and colorful posters.

In particular, on this posterare described the main transport-landing helicopters of the Marine Corps of the countries – probable opponents.

I will not particularly focus your attention on the premises. A similar picture almost everywhere.

In the meantime, we are heading for the top floor and go into the room, located directly under the installed antenna.

And finally, we are on the roof! The weather is just wonderful, and before us is it! Satellite antenna TNA-57M with a parabolic reflector 12 meters in diameter and a support-rotary device for manual rotation of the locator in the base.

Let’s go even higher!

And one more general plan for the territory of the analytical center.

Let’s go downstairs.

And here is the handle most likely responsible for the manual rotation of the locator.

Meanwhile, we leave the first building and head for the second building.

It is absolutely similar to the first one, the same reception and transmitting antenna “TNA-57M” is also installed on the roof.

The cruisers of the US Navy, France and Italy.

Comparative characteristics of nuclear missile submarines of the United States, Britain and France.

We leave on the roof of the building.

We go back to the building.

We leave the territory of the analytical center and go out to the forest road.

After several kilometers of pleasant walks through the forest, we got to the territory of the next object.

On the first two floors located classrooms and various rooms with radio-electronic equipment.

But we were much more interested in what was inside the “ball”, located on the roof of the building.

In the center of the photo there is a frame and a turning device, on which a satellite dish was installed before dismantling. In the right part of the picture is a platform with a ladder for servicing the locator.

We get out on the roof and meet a beautiful sunset right at the “ball”.

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