A tour of the 419th aircraft repair plant

I first felt intrigued by this place when I was digging through maps on Wikimapia in another search for an airdrome and I saw an airfield with some kind of lines drawn on it and characters “419 arz”.

When I got to the location in Gorelovo, I was amazed: there were more helicopters than there are cars on an IKEA parking lot.

Without any security, the site had all characteristics of an abandoned place, with a rusty barbed wire fence and some of the helicopters sunken into the asphalt. The site amazed me so much that I visited it twice, once on a cloudy and once on a sunny day, so this post has photos in different sets of colors.

This is the airfield that looked so intriguing to me. It is 2500 m by 60 m in area. (8200 ft by 200 ft)

The airfield. Airplanes that take off at Pulkovo airport often fly over it.

Coming up to the helicopters.

Getting over the rusty barbed wire fence is nothing difficult

There are so many of them that they don’t fit into one photo!

There is still some life going on at the plant, this photo was taken two weeks later and another Mi-6 had appeared.

Two Mi-24. Their condition is more or less operational.

A pack of Mi-24

Mi-24 with office buildings of the plant in the background.

The blades and the guns have already been taken off.

A Mi-24 №32. The reports of other people that have visited this site indicate that it has been here since 2007.

One has a bee painted on it.

The central square.

The helicopters are being taken apart little by little

Signs of vandalism.

Some colorful Mi-6 from Azerbaijan

Some more Ka-32 and Mi-6 from Azerbaijan.

There is not one aircraft that is intact on the storage ground.


The central row two weeks later.

Dozens of them!

Some are damaged.

And others not so much.

An Arabian one

Some have sunken into the asphalt up to the gear leg .

A helicopter sunken into the asphalt.

Everything is falling off.

And everything looks ragged.

A Mi-24 cabin.

The front view of a Mi-24 and a Ka-32 at a distance.


A local secuiry guard.

Mi-2 rear end.

A Mi-2 taken apart forever.

Another pack of Mi-2.

The rear part of a Mi-6.


Another Arabian one.

The tails are thrown into a pile.

The main entrance.

Images by Meteo, reproduced with permission

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