This Soviet ghost town is only 200 km from the USA

Anadyr-1 is located closest to the ideological enemy The United States of America.

There were rockets that completely covered Alaska, Washington, California, and even partly South Dakota. Surely, on the other hand, there were similar military units with missiles capable of fly to Novosibirsk.

To get to the ghost town, we hired a severe Chukchi taxi.

Our road.

Anadyr-1 located in a valley between two hills. There was no opportunity to get on this closed territory from all extraneous. Of course, many local people knew that there were some army units here, but nothing more.

Houses for officers.

Communications and pipes are hidden in the wooden corridors.

Military posters.

In the headquarters building.

There was a dining room.

Shopping mall

Snow does not melt even at the end of June.

We’re going to the military base.


Top secret. The object “C” was built in 1958, in 1961 he entered combat duty. The purpose of the facility is the storage and routine maintenance of nuclear weapons. Submission to the 12th Main Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR. The facility is a self-contained underground facility with multi-kilometer galleries, has full anti-atomic protection.

Inside it is divided into different levels of access. Transportation of goods was carried out by an underground narrow-gauge railway. The photo shows one of the two input portals.

It housed four nuclear missiles RSD-10 “Pioneer.”

Source: Macos

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