One of the most exceptional and secret sites in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is the object named Chernobyl-2.

Abandoned space communications station

A few dozen miles on foot through the snow. A barely walkable path winding through the woods. Our destination, the place we have come such a long way to see, is right around the corner.

A derelict shelter

Last fall we visited a half-abandoned, or, rather, currently inactive shelter located under a manufacturing facility.

Abandoned military warehouses

Here’s a short walk in the woods of the Moscow region.

A deserted top secret Soviet underground communications hub

Military and government communications have been regarded as extremely important at all times.

An abandoned nuclear weapons depot

The structure has two entrances, but they are numbered 14 and 15 in order to confuse the enemy.

An abandoned military science institution

Today’s post is about a rather curious and fascinating location. This is a huge academic building with dozens of labs, testing benches, departments, workshops and offices that was abandoned not so long ago.

A visit to a plane dismantling base

Smuravyevo is one of the military air bases in the Pskov region where the 722th bomber wing of the 6th Air Force and Air Defense army used to be stationed.

Type 97 Chi-Ha Japanese Tank Wreck

This Chi-Ha tank of the 11th tank regiment of the Japanese army was destroyed by the Russian troopers on the Shumshu island on August 18th, 1945 during an unsuccessful counterattack executed by the Japanese.