Lavrentiy Beria’s derelict villa

The construction of the building was started in the beginning of the 20th century and finished in the 1930s. It is listed as a cultural heritage site. It was also Beria’s villa.

Tiksi-3: a military town above the Arctic Circle

In this post we’ll take a tour of the military settlement of Tiksi-3, go inside derelict apartments and buildings and take a look at the interiors.

A derelict resort

This resort and recreation facility, wonderful in every respect, is situated near Moscow and was closed for renovation a few years ago.

An illegal visit to Chernobyl

Different people react in different ways when this city is mentioned. Some people would like to come here and just walk around for a while.

A derelict research institute

Today’s post is about a research institute that was the leader in its field during the Soviet era. It was home to multiple hi-end technological developments, machinery designs and professional scientific brainpower.

A derelict Russian police station

Two storeys of breathtaking hallways, lock-up wards hidden in the corners, file cabinets, sign plates, police gear, service caps, ‘Have you seen this man?’ posters and so on.

English slow sand filters in the sewage plants of Saratov

Once upon a time I happened to be in Saratov. I only had time to visit one site, but it turned out to be well worth it.