Abandoned military warehouses

Here’s a short walk in the woods of the Moscow region.

Some of the warehouses turned out to be empty, some almost empty, but others…

I didn’t feel like taking photos, and keeping something as a souvenir would be too risky. So I just wandered among the boxes looking at all the stuff.

Here’s what one of the empty hangars looks like:

Here’s what an almost empty one looks like:

A hangar with equipment that had been torn out of armored carriers.

It is notable that the equipment is sorted by type and near each pile there is a bag with the most valuable parts that had been carefully separated from the rest by someone.

There were also a couple of hangars that were full of fun stuff like boxes with leather gun holsters, things that looked like holders for magazines and rounds, and partly magazine cases, ammunition belts and other associated goods.

Hope I won’t be put to jail for taking these photos 🙂

Images @ Lana Sator

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