An abandoned artillery battery

Today I am going to tell you about a visit to the MB-2-180 coastal artillery turret batteries.

An engineer force testing facility

The first time I came here was in 2008. The way to the testing area lay along a bog lake. On its shore there was a washhouse guarded by soldiers.

An abandoned warship

This post is about a decommissioned warship named “Druzhny”. Its fate is sad and its future is uncertain. Having been left to corrode in the Khimki reservoir, this massive warship is living out its remaining days.

Derelict Soviet bomb shelter

Beneath one of the building of some research institute a rather spacious underground bomb shelter is hiding.

The town of Zarechinsk. An abandoned signals intelligence center

There is a small shack on the coast of Gabriel bay. It is windy, rainy and nasty outside, but inside the cosy shack there is a little furnace that is slowly digesting a piece of Bering coal.

Abandoned biological-warfare weapons storage facility

For the readers’ information: the site described in the article was abandoned by the military a few years ago.

The Soviet “nuclear shield”. Abandoned Strategic Rocket Forces military base

One dark autumn night, when I was enjoying a cup of coffee and looking through some photos, my friend Dima messaged me saying that he had accidentally discovered a rather big and interesting abandoned site.

Abandoned military sites near Moscow

As a rule, capital cities are protected by the latest developments of the defense industry, and Moscow is no exception.