What is RusUE.com?

Russian Urban Exploration (abbreviated RusUE) is a weblog about fascinating abandoned sites found on the territory of the former Soviet Union.

Who works on the website?

My name is Roman, I live and work in Russia. I find interesting articles about abandoned sites and make arrangements with the authors for their publication on this website. Maria, the translator, helps with translation of the texts.

Why abandoded sites?

I really like looking through photos taken at various abandoned objects and I have visited such places myself a few times. It feels like traveling in time.

Probably there is no other country that can compete with Russia in the number of abandoned factories, cities and military bases. They are the echo of the so-called ‘perestroika’ initiated by Gorbachev.

In just a few years a huge country collapsed, and with it thousands of factories stopped working, multiple towns were abandoned and military bases no longer needed.

I think that you would be interested to see what the USSR looked like before the Iron Curtain fell.

About the authors

All the photos on the website are published with consent of the authors. At the end of each article there is a link to the original post (in Russian).


All the information and photos on this website are provided for educational use only. We do not encourage trespassing or visiting objects that may present a threat to your health or your life.