An illegal tour of Chernobyl

At last, our long-held dream of visiting the CEZ (the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone) came true.

Derelict palace with the famed “Tsar Bath”

The Babolovsky Park is located behind the Catherine park and the Alexander park in the town of Pushkin.

The creepiest place in all of Pripyat

The site that is described in this post is not aesthetically pleasing in any way.

A shut down children’s hospital

Today’s report is about a very curious and rather creepy-looking abandoned site that I visited this spring: a well-preserved shut down children’s hospital in Moscow.

A derelict hospital

At the entrance to the hospital there is a security desk, but fortunately the guard himself was away at the moment.

Four days in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

It all started, as always, when my friend and I decided to visit the Exclusion Zone.

A derelict library

In today’s report you’ll find photographs taken in a derelict library located on the grounds of a former medical institution.

An abandoned high security prison

Nyrob is the northernmost town in the Perm Krai where some kind of civilization and roads can still be found.

A derelict police station

Typically, when people find themselves in this place, they try their best to get out, but we did the opposite: we put our best effort into trying to get in.