Derelict Soviet bomb shelter

Beneath one of the building of some research institute a rather spacious underground bomb shelter is hiding.

The town of Zarechinsk. An abandoned signals intelligence center

There is a small shack on the coast of Gabriel bay. It is windy, rainy and nasty outside, but inside the cosy shack there is a little furnace that is slowly digesting a piece of Bering coal.

Abandoned biological-warfare weapons storage facility

For the readers’ information: the site described in the article was abandoned by the military a few years ago.

The Soviet “nuclear shield”. Abandoned Strategic Rocket Forces military base

One dark autumn night, when I was enjoying a cup of coffee and looking through some photos, my friend Dima messaged me saying that he had accidentally discovered a rather big and interesting abandoned site.

Abandoned military sites near Moscow

As a rule, capital cities are protected by the latest developments of the defense industry, and Moscow is no exception.