A flooded ballistic missile launch facility

“Dvina” missile pits are one of Belarus’ two permanent nuclear ballistic missile launch sites.

Abandoned military machinery

Once again we are in the Moscow region, and once again in the woods.

Vega: a derelict military tracking center

Once upon a warm summer day we headed to Vega – a tracking facility.

In the backyard of a missile production plant

In the backyard of a missile production plant.

A derelict airfield and a Su-24 bomber aircraft

A partially abandoned air facility. Quite a few protected hangars and taxiway strips.

An abandoned air defense base

Today’s post is about the remains of air defense hardware on Kildin Island.

An abandoned artillery battery

Today I am going to tell you about a visit to the MB-2-180 coastal artillery turret batteries.

An engineer force testing facility

The first time I came here was in 2008. The way to the testing area lay along a bog lake. On its shore there was a washhouse guarded by soldiers.

An abandoned warship

This post is about a decommissioned warship named “Druzhny”. Its fate is sad and its future is uncertain. Having been left to corrode in the Khimki reservoir, this massive warship is living out its remaining days.