Feodosia-13: former nuclear weapons storage

In late 1950 the USSR Cabinet has issued a decree that announced the creation of the several so-called central nuclear weapons storage bases, or CSB.

Kharkiv tank maintenance depot

The trip to Kharkiv turned out in the best way possible. The main goal is reached. Kharkiv tank maintenance depot is before us.

Military equipment shouldn’t die this way

During the years of the Cold war military equipment was manufactured in this country in huge quantities.

A command center for intercontinental ballistic missiles launch

12 underground floors built in case of a nuclear war… The 15V52U Integrated Command Center.

A Type-95 Ha-Go Japanese tank wreck

For those rare travellers who get to Shumshu Island this tank was a must-see.

A tour of the 419th aircraft repair plant

I first felt intrigued by this place when I was digging through maps on Wikimapia in another search for an airdrome and I saw an airfield with some kind of lines drawn on it and characters “419 arz”.

A MiG-31 fighter jet graveyard

Not long ago a site was found near Moscow that is be perfect for those who like to listen to melting snow dripping from aluminum aircraft bodies.

A flooded ballistic missile launch facility

“Dvina” missile pits are one of Belarus’ two permanent nuclear ballistic missile launch sites.

Abandoned military machinery

Once again we are in the Moscow region, and once again in the woods.