Unfinished nuclear heating plant

Gorky heat supply nuclear plant is one of the two HSNPs in this country whose construction got under way in the early 1980s but was never completed due to a number of reasons, including public outcry and, naturally, the collapse of the Soviet Union.

A dead Dragon, or the remains of Sever TRRL

There is a landmark in the city of Magadan, a place of pilgrimage for the bored youth. These are some mind-blowingly huge red and white dish antennas at the top of a hill.

A derelict industrial lab

Once upon a night we got into a recently abandoned lab building, “recently” meaning in the past few years, including the last year.

A ghost town

This is a military town near Moscow that was abandoned in 2005. Taking into account its proximity to the capital, it is quite well preserved in its entirety.

Abandoned lunar station in the Crimea

This is a story about one of the coolest, most unusual and least visited abandoned sites of the Crimea.

Ore-dressing plant named after Vasily Chapaev

The Kolyma region is known not only for its rich gold fields, but also for tin metal exploitation.

An airplane graveyard

On our way home from the Crimea in 2002 we had a chance to visit a very interesting site in the Zaporizhzhia region of Ukraine.

A uranium mine on the Kolyma River

At the 222 kilometer post (mile 138) of the Tenkinskiy Route near the Kolyma River there is a brightly colored sign warning about radiation.

A top secret missile testing center

Let me take you on a tour of a most fascinating place. This is one of the grounds of a missile testing center that is located near one of the small towns in the Moscow region.