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A derelict shelter

Last fall we visited a half-abandoned, or, rather, currently inactive shelter located under a manufacturing facility.

An aircraft boneyard

The first airplane was located exactly at the spot indicated by the satellite map positioning data.

Abandoned military warehouses

Here’s a short walk in the woods of the Moscow region.

Abandoned lab at a forestry research institute

This small lab (as it later turned out, it used to research soil and forest problems) is part of one of the forestry management institutions.

Abandoned industrial plant

The galleries are stretched on long distances, crossing and overlapping with each other.

Derelict palace with the famed “Tsar Bath”

The Babolovsky Park is located behind the Catherine park and the Alexander park in the town of Pushkin.

The creepiest place in all of Pripyat

The site that is described in this post is not aesthetically pleasing in any way.

A shut down children’s hospital

Today’s report is about a very curious and rather creepy-looking abandoned site that I visited this spring: a well-preserved shut down children’s hospital in Moscow.

A deserted top secret Soviet underground communications hub

Military and government communications have been regarded as extremely important at all times.