Last fall we visited a half-abandoned, or, rather, currently inactive shelter located under a manufacturing facility.

It seemed that there was not much to be found there, but it turned out that there were a few curious things, though not many of them.

1. After getting inside the shelter, the first thing we did was exploring its floor plan. The site is indeed very small, but since size doesn’t always matter, let’s keep moving on.

2. In the next room there was a box filled with emergency medical kits, and apparently someone had already dug into them.

3. Looking up, you can see a jaunty civil defense slogan written on the wall — “civil defense is a matter of national importance”.

4. And here’s the box with the medical kits.

5. Let’s head into the next room. In here, one can find numerous boxes full of gas masks and filters, defensive grids of some kind and broken tools (not ours) :).

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6. And here’s a room filled with various kinds of civil defense-related items.

7. At the entrance to the first room some woodboards and trash are piled up.

8. Inside the room with equipment there was also a box full of lamps (vacuum tubes).

9. Now let’s take a look at the ventilation room


11. Now let’s see the bathroom. In here, the lighting is rather curiously organized

12. And here’s a bathroom, one of the two. Quite cozy, don’t you think? 🙂

13. And here’s His Majesty the Button Accordion. We tried to pick it up and open it, then there was a sad howling sound, and it snapped. Such a shame.

14. There are piles of filters and filter bags everywhere.

15. A food kettle for the field kitchen.

16. This is an R-311 (a.k.a. Omega), a Soviet shortwave military receiver that was manufactured in the years 1954 to mid-1970s.

17. A portable diesel-driven generator

18. A general view of the shelter.

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19. That’s it, we’ve spent more than enough time here, and it’s time to go.

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